There is nothing wrong with your television set…

Exploding Wheel II

“Do not attempt to adjust the picture.  We are controlling transmission.”

And for those of you who did not grow up watching the “The Outer Limits”, I will kindly translate.  You did not land at the wrong web site, and yes, things do look a bit different.

After much consideration, I have decided to implement some style changes, both in appearance and written content.  While the previous appearance emphasized graphic content, it proved to be a bit more intense than I wanted, and lacked what I felt was an appropriate amount of “negative space”, let alone room for written content.  It was, in short, the visual equivalent of what Bob in the artillery requested from Robin Williams’ character in Good Morning Vietnamsomething played loud!

The new appearance, or theme as they are called by WordPress, is still photo friendly, but should be a bit more readable and easier to navigate.  Images will probably not display quite as large as before, although there is still a nicely sized gallery/slide show feature for posts that contain more than one image.  Fonts should also be a bit easier to read, albeit they are a little bit smaller.  All in all though, things should look somewhat more blog-like, and a lot less like brochureware.

And, along with these changes in appearance comes a somewhat less dramatic, but hopefully welcome, change in writing style.  My previous posts were almost exclusively informational, mostly to address the need of getting details and logistics out to folks prior to my photo exhibit this past July.  I expect that many future posts will still be somewhat informational, but they should reflect more of the “voice” that I developed over these past two years blogging about my trials and tribulations dealing with cancer and a chronic illness.  Again, a little less like brochureware, and more like a casual conversation.

The site is still a work in progress, so you can expect to see some small changes appear over time.  And, while I am somewhat limited by the software with respect to what changes I can or cannot incorporate, your feedback is always appreciated.

With that said, I plan on resuming my work posting all of the images that were in the July photo exhibit, so you can expect to see them gradually appear, most likely accompanied by their “backstories”, over the next few months.


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