“There is no formula — only man with his conscience speaking, writing and singing in the new hieroglyphic language of light and time.”  – Ernst Haas

Welcome to Chronicle • Photo – a place where thoughts and images come together to convey a sense of time and place.  As a lifelong student of history and photography, I have learned that the passage of time, as well as specific events, are precious items over which we often have little, if any, control.  Life, for better or for worse, is lived in the moment, and time past is mostly a recollection of our thoughts and memories.

But, life is not just about recollecting the past.  We live in the here and now, and it is as important that we stay mindful and present, for life offers few do-overs.  So, while you may see posts from the historian in me recollecting past events, you may just as likely find me posting reflections “in the moment”.  In either event, I hope my thoughts and my images, speaking their own language of light and time, will convey a sense of time and place for your consideration.



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