Full Sail Ahead

I apologize for the long delay in putting up a post, but last month’s photo exhibit and reception seemed to fill up any and all available time, and then some.  The reception was well attended, and I wish to again say “Thank You” to the many people who graciously donated to charity in honor of the exhibit.  All in all, it was a nice celebration, and a great way to informally launch this blog.  Unfortunately, like all good things, the exhibit ended this week, and the prints are no longer on display.  But, as I previously posted, the exhibit images will gradually be migrating to the web, most often accompanied by their backstories and/or some of my thoughts and reflections.  It is a new format for me, and I am sure it will be evolving over time, but I ask that you come join me as I embark on this journey.

The first image that I wish to present is titled, Sunset, Shilshole Bay.

Sunset, Shilshole Bay

I initially selected this image as one of two signature pieces for my exhibit, “…To See Things New”, mostly, in part, because of its aesthetics.  The photo was taken from a bluff overlooking Shilshole Bay, and the reflections of the late afternoon sunlight on the water seen from there create the most incredible colors and patterns you could possibly imagine.  But, with my increasing familiarity from working with the image in preparation for the exhibit, I slowly began to realize that it was actually a visual metaphor of my life these past few years.  Had this been posed as a question to me, absent my work on the exhibit,  I am not at all certain that I would have selected this specific image.  And, some days, I wonder if the choice was not actually mine, and that perhaps “the image selected me”?  Either way, I have become somewhat fond of it, and am happy to be identified with it.  Let me know what you think.


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