New Works on Display

This January, I was asked by a local nonprofit agency to submit a number of images for their consideration.  They were completing major renovations to one of their buildings, and were looking for art to display in the offices and common areas.  The agency had initially considered purchasing stock photos, but after a lengthy discussion, my contact who was heading up this project reconsidered, and was instead willing to consider the works of several local photographers.  The renovation work concluded earlier this year, and this week they completed their interior remodeling by hanging a number of prints throughout the building.  I was at the agency yesterday as the pieces were being installed, and am pleased to say that three of my images were selected for inclusion in their collection.    The agency selected custom wood frames that coordinate with the building’s newly remodeled interior space, so the images really stand out, and the whole project came together quite nicely.  Job well done!  Below are my three images that were selected by the agency for display.



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