Photo Sketch – Sign(s) of the Times

***The following post contains images which may be offensive to some people and is possibly NSFW.  If you are offended by graphic language or political messages please read another post or kindly leave this site.***

It’s been quite some time since my last post, not for a lack of desire as much as a lack of time to photograph, process images and write.  But, when 130,000 of your neighbors decide they want to make history ( ), it is hard not to bear witness.  In the interest of this being a timely post, the following images have been minimally processed.  With that said, I’ll let the them speak for themselves.



    • Ken

      It was quite an event. I have not seen this many people in the streets peacefully protesting since WTO. I am curious as to which march drew more people.



  1. Suzanne Engelberg

    Thanks Ken! I was in the middle of the march, so missed a lot of the signs you caught. Thanks for showing them to us. BTW, what does NSFW stand for?


    • Ken

      Not safe for work. I never know where people like to read posts, and I didn’t want anybody to run afoul of company policies because of the content.



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