“…To See Things New” – Gallery/Slideshow

Oriental Poppy, 2011

Oriental Poppy, 2011

While I am continuing to narrate and post all of the images displayed at my July 2013 exhibit, “…To See Things New”, all of the images on display can now also be seen in a gallery/slideshow format for those wishing to see the exhibit in its entirety: http://photos.chroniclephoto.com/toseethingsnew.

Regarding the photo above, it is one of my favorite plants in my beloved’s garden.  Oriental poppies in full bloom, a personal harbinger of summer weather, can be a bit elusive in the Pacific Northwest, especially when the rainy spring weather persists until late June, or sometimes later.  But, when the rains have moved on, the sun is no longer hidden behind gray clouds, and the temperatures begin to rise, keep an eye out for poppies in bloom because they only last for a few days at most.

The image of the poppy above was shot with a macro lens in direct sunlight.  The intense colors in the image are what the sensor captured, and were not adjusted or saturated in preparing in the image for display.  When it comes to plants, Mother Nature rarely needs help in putting on a show, and I was happy to capture this flower in all its glory.



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